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Stamping Die Products

What Makes Our Stamping Parts So Special?

Qingdao Jinghong Precision Industrial Co, Ltd is specialized in producing customized metal products according to the needs of customers. We are leading stamping parts suppliers of Hong Kong who is manufacturing reliable and quality machined parts. Jinghong machined parts are the worldwide standard for manufacturing and supplying the high-definition equipment. The most highlighting feature of our Stamping parts suppliers is they are versatile for almost all heavy machine industries or applications.
One of the best sheet metal fabrication and stamping parts suppliers industry; we can provide various machined parts processing services such as automobile parts, CNC machining, stamping parts suppliers, bending, forming, deep drawing, welding and laser cutting, etc. We always make sure that our experienced and adequate engineer’s staff provides you with perfectly exact products according to your need and on-time delivery. We have own plenty of stock, which is a variety of features, and output ranges.

Uses of Stamping Parts

Stamping parts used in daily routine lives and heavy industries such as furniture, household appliances, electrical equipment, auto parts, industrial equipment, mechanical parts, hardware parts, auto components, computer, and electronics components, etc.
Machines used stamping manufacturer parts range from a simple hand press or hydraulic press. All the stamping parts that are incorporate a form or die to give the stamped metal the desired shape.

Features & Specifications of Stamping Parts

Some notable features and specifications of stamping parts suppliers and manufacturer are:

Product features

  1. Stamping parts designed and manufacture highly efficient press tools.
  2. Reasonable and competitive price according to the customer requirements and specifications.
  3. Continuance 24/7 customer care service and support for all customers.
  4. The custom R&D program coordination is available.
  5. Quality, reliability and long lasting product life.
  6. QC inspects after mass production finished.

Product Specifications

  • Category: a machine part
  • Material: pre-galvanized steel, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel
  • Characteristics: reliable, high precision punching material
  • Function: used in household appliances
  • Size: size depends on customer’s drawings and designing
  • Making process: laser cutting, deep drawing, bending, punching, welding, threading and grinding
  • Surface: polishing, hot galvanized, zinc, nickel, chrome plating
    Thickness: 0.5mm to 12mm, or other individual sizes available
  • R&D: We provide the R&D service to improve the design according to your needs
  • Packaging: plastic bag, carton boxes and according to customer need
  • Scope: furniture hardware, electronic, construction hardware, machinery parts, hydraulic parts

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