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Plastic Injection Products

Looking For the Leading Plastic Injection Parts Manufacturers? We’re The One You’ve Been Looking For!

The Jinghong Corp is the top leading plastic injection parts manufacturers who’re known for providing an advanced, and innovative industrial manufacturing solutions. The entire manufacturing procedure in our company produces custom prototypes and end-use production parts within fifteen days, or less time period then it.

We’re the full-service plastic injection parts manufacturers who deals in manufacturing, prototyping and supplying. Moreover, we have the know-how of building complicated technical tools using a wide range of injection molding plastic resins by means of engineering, commodity, and high-performance grade resins.

Our experienced designers are skilled enough to provide innovative solutions even in challenging design manufacturing issues. Our manufacturing process and services are considered when consumers need to bring high volume in their businesses, and when they need intricate parts, so they approach us for providing plastic injection parts since our products are made with quality production while lessening the cost per unit.

What Kind of Material Do We use in Our Products to Make Them Unique?

We use aluminum molds as it provides cost-efficient tooling, accelerated manufacturing cycles, and stock above 100 different thermoplastic resins. Also, we own a material specialist staff to recommend the best plastic material among other ones including; RoHS, REACH, FDA, NSF certified resins and HACCP-compliant materials.

We provide convenient access to your favorable pricing and offer globally competitive, innovative manufacturing solutions for customers who have an annual volume of one million parts per year or more than it.

Features & Applications of Our Manufactured Plastic Injection Parts

Being a reliable, loyal, and truly dedicated plastic injection parts manufacturers, we are particularly prepared to offer to prototype, assembling, get together and esteem included administrations for all intents and purposes any size part. We give the plastic trim ability to short to substantial runs.

Our product delivers the following features;

  • Fast, high-precision, prototype production using 3D Poly Jet printing technology
  • Complicated prototype tools
  • Close-tolerance plastic injection molding
  • Design and product development assistant to maximize the process
  • Machined prototype parts

Our Products Are Applicable For;

  • Low-volume production
  • Pilot runs
  • Functional prototyping
  • Bridge tooling

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